• I bought a used car for my 18 year old son that unfortunately broke down 3 days after we drove it home. The dealer was shady and uncooperative so I was left on my own with some major repairs needed. I called around for towing quotes and Chano's Towing gave me the best rate. So I had Juan, from Chano's, pick up the car to tow it home. Little did I know that this was the beginning of something good! Not only did Juan tow the car home, he was able to recommend a shop that he felt would give me an honest and fair price to fix it. They did , so I had Juan tow the vehicle to the shop. He introduced me to the mechanic and helped explain what was going on with the car. I felt like I had my big brother there to make sure everything was going to be done right. I was pretty much a basket case through this whole ordeal with the dealer and Juan knew it, so do you know what he did? He placed a follow up call to make sure everything turned out okay. There are not many people in this world that will go above and beyond like Juan did. I now have a new mechanic, and although I never want to be in a position to need a tow, Chano's Towing is the only one I will ever need to call. Juan has reminded me that there are some really good people out there. People who above all are honest, caring, and reliable. I recommend Chano's towing to family and friends and anyone needing reliable, honest service! Thank you Juan!!

  • ~Sunsjunkie

  • I have to say the best Towing company yet. My car broke down and i called this company and they came to help right away. The man that towed our car was very nice. I would definitely recommend this towing service to friends and family.


  • Juan helped my husband out so much when he was stuck on the 101 and Olive. We are a strugling family and did not have much money to pay that day. Juan was so very nice and we paid him what we had and gave him the rest when we got paid. The world still has good people and for him to trust us to pay him when we got our next pay check and with just meeting us that day is great! I told everybody at my work and all my family & friends about Chano's Towning in Goodyear.


  • Chano's came to my rescue after my car dies on the 101 in Phoenix. I thought nobody would be able to help on Christmas day but Juan can quickly. He towed myself and my son 10 miles home and delivered us and the broken car home safely. The service was friendly and reliable I would recommend to all.